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Not Just an Algo

Lendal Pro Trader is ultimately pro

Not "Just an Algo"

More than two dozen algorithms can be combined into custom confluence strategies.

Start your side hustle

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Plug play and win

Not a Pro Trader? No problem. Drop one of our battle-tested indicator strategies in TradingView and get signals instantly.

Start your side hustle
Not Just an Algo

Lendal Pro Trader is ultimately pro

Truly Different, our benefits

Not "Just an Algo"

Features algorithms such as MACD, ADX, ATR, Ichimoku, Heikin Ashi, and more

We are Confluence Experts

More than two dozen algorithms can be combined into custom confluence strategies

Plug-and-play Strategies

Drop one of our battle tested indicator strategies in TradingView and get signals instantly

Build Your Strategy

Trade with personality with our highly-configurable indicator for aggressive confluence strategies

Backtesting in Realtime

Comes with built-in plug-and-play backtest suite to prove configuration profitability

Overtrading Prevention

The only indicator of its kind that prevents overtrading (ranging, market hours, etc)

Bot Front-running

The only indicator of its kind that allows for bot front-running for the best entry/exit

Muti-Trading Style Support

Support for multiple trading strategies such as momentum, scalping, and more

Trade Anything

Works for stocks, cryptocurrencies, Forex, indexes, commodities, and futures

Not Just an Algo

Aggressive confluence

Trade while you sleep

No indicator has met your needs. Until now.

Comes with built-in plug-and-play backtest suite to prove configuration profitability. The only indicator of its kind that prevents overtrading (ranging, market hours, etc).

Start your side hustle

NFT Tiers

Utility: Now.

6 tiers. Each packed with utility. Finally "utility" isn't a dirty word.

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our future

The roadmap

Lendal Pro Trader 2022

For Traders

Trend prediction software for traders that runs on TradingView, MetaTrader, Astrabit, and more

Genesis NFT and Monthly Subscription Available

Lendal Master Club 2022

For Learners

Exclusive Masters Club community for live trading, alpha calls, training & education, webinars, and more

Free with Genesis NFT

Lendal Hedge Retail 2023

For Investors

The fully automated, AI driven, machine learning enabled, synthetic derivatives asset exchange for retail investors.


Lendal Hedge Enterprise 2024

For Hedge Funds

Enterprise AI-driven, hedge fund operations platform for the operation of autonomous hedge funds.

% AUM / Annual Contract

Our amazing team of experts

Millions in private equity exits. 100s of enterpise-level software solutions deployed. Combined 200 years of experience in tech.

Jeremy Wilson

Jeremy Wilson


Jeremy has over 20 years of experience creating successful technology platforms to solve business problems across a number of industries. He is an expert in enterprise-scale architectures and exceptional at forming agile teams to accomplish business goals across the entire company. He has created or overseen several enterprise SaaS and content delivery platforms resulting in billions in valuations, and was instrumental in helping multi-companies achieve successful exits.

Matthew Praetzel

Matthew Praetzel


With a career-long focus on start-ups, Matthew has backgrounds in software engineering, SaaS, consulting, and team building and leadership training. As a founder of several tech ventures, Matthew has been instrumental in the development and execution of hundreds of successful web2 campaigns for companies like Nationwide Insurance, Mizuno, Men's Health, Runner's World as well as web3 launches, most notably Koin Games.

Chris Dimoulis

Chris Dimoulis

Lead Engineer

After teaching aviation at Southern Illinois University, Chris came to software engineering as a second career. Chris is a full-stack engineer, developing across multiple programming languages and frameworks in the education, lumber, hardware manufacturing, e-commerce, and healthcare industries. He has worked for small to large companies building software products from the ground up with enterprise scale, most notably Peapod Digital Labs, a company with over $900M in revenue.

Gary McGuire

Gary McGuire


Gary started his career as a Software Engineer while finishing his college education in Mathematics. Being a self-learner with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, he can adapt with little to no ramp-up time, making him language and technology agnostic. Gary has worked for large corporations and small startups with enterprise scale in the fintech industry, designing and building distributed cloud computing systems utilizing various architecture designs - microservices being the most notable. Mathematically inclined, he is also versed in building predictive and analytical models and systems.

Jared T. Ross

Jared T. Ross

Customer Experience

Jared specializes in helping people enter, navigate, and build in the "metaverse" and with NFTs. Since entering the space and finding success, he's done hundreds of consultations, guest lectured at the University level, published a book on NFTs, and enrolled over 400 students in his course - The NFT Equation. Jared is well-recognized for his easy-to-understand teaching style that invites people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved in whatever he's teaching. At Lendal, he'll be contributing to our library of educational resources on maximizing the power of the Lendal Pro Trader and related tools.

Shane Stuck

Shane Stuck


Shane is a disabled veteran with over 10 years of customer service, sales and management experience. He ran a small business for 8 years, won a Google Veteran-led small business award, and has been in web3 for around 2 years.

Web3 Natalie

Web3 Natalie


Natalie started her marketing career in 2012. In October 2021, she started diving deep into NFTs and crypto, specifically DeFi. It quickly became apparent that there was a need for experienced marketers in the space. Advising in various web3 communities snowballed into working as a full-time web3 marketer.



Advisor / Partnerships

Web2 Dev turned consultant, Xeppy has helped shape the marketing, roadmap and mints of over 30 projects. He deeply cares about educating the space and solving the mass-adoption challenges of tomorrow.